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Twisted Sucker Standard Colors

Twisted Suckers come in two sizes - 5” with single treble hooks & 7” with double treble hooks.

  • The 5" Twisted sucker weighs in at 3.3 oz. and can be worked to glide 2 feet plus side to side!
  • The 7" Twisted Sucker weighs in at 5.4 oz. and can be worked to glide 3 feet plus side to side!​

​Both sizes sink at approximately 1.5 seconds per foot, which allows for a presentation in any water condition!  The hang time of the Twisted Sucker allows you to work the bait shallow, deep, fast and erratic or slow and hanging! 

Twisted Sucker Colors & Sizes

​The Twisted Sucker is a Glide Bait that is hand made in small batches!  All Twisted Suckers are made from soft maple which produces a fantastic action muskies can't resist!

Contact Mark for Custom Colors!